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A leading beauty expert and innovator in the UK, Dominika is no stranger to the latest products in the natural beauty sphere. In fact, quite the opposite, if you consider the fact that she, along with her business partner Elsie, plays a major part in growing and contributing to this movement, through Clean Beauty Co…(Read More)

The Best Cleansers In Natural Beauty Edit

It’s a well known fact that an effective, reliable cleanser forms the cornerstone of any beauty routine. Without a good cleansing system, how else might we reset our canvases and prepare our skin to absorb all the pricey serums, creams and oils we’ve invested in? It’s hard enough to find the right…(Read More)

You don’t often find the beginnings of new beauty love affair between our lazy, 7AM, half-blind treads to the bathroom and into the shower. Such encounters belong on the dressing table, where all our latest impulse buys, ‘long-term’ investments and forgotten crushes are laid out, vying for our attention in hopes of…(Read More)

Want firm, hydrated skin using just two ingredients from your kitchen cupboard? It sounds like we’re pulling a leg or two, but trust us: as the top DIY dogs in town, we only make claims when we mean them. For this amazing mask, all you need is some good ol’ coffee and honey! Coffee…(Read More)

I have a nickname for my skin: the Sahara. It’s so dry that my foundation is usually flaking off by lunchtime, even though I’ve probably applied, like, three different creams and spent the entire morning misting my face off. My vanity is overflowing with pretty much every single moisturiser you can find out…(Read More)

I got into makeup brushes when I was about 15, thanks to Bobbi Brown’s ultimate teen beauty bible Teenage Beauty. I have to say that this book gave me the light and courage in my awkward teens, and while I don’t use her products, I still think she rocks. It’s where my…(Read More)