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In the final blog of our three part series, Lorraine Dallmeier, (Director at Formula Botanica), discusses ‘the tricky bits’ of your skincare label – which no one will tell you about. Catch up on Part 1: The Basics and The Insider’s Guide to Reading Your Skincare Label and Part 2: Botanicals vs Synthetics. WHAT WON…(Read More)

Part three of the root diaries already! So it’s been almost 6 months since I last died my hair- the longest I’ve been without a trip to the colourist for probably like 16 years. I listened to everyone’s advice around regular trims and went for a chop a few weeks ago at…(Read More)

The lovely Gayathrie sent us some goodies to celebrate the relaunch of her luxe online store Origins of Beauty and we were super keen to dig into the Dr Botanicals Daily Essentials Collections. Why try one product when you can try the whole neatly packaged set? The dream. I’ve been using all three products…(Read More)

We’re bridging the 6 month gap now so it’s really very much time to think about my waistline and my eating. I’ve found my outfits, but I now need to get measured in the coming weeks, so my mind floats to what my goal is. I’m curvy, ain’t no amount…(Read More)

Just felt the need to chat through my current body care routine as it’s great and I’m totally into it. I’ve recently switched from shower gel to soap (shock horror). The decision was actually driven by wanting to move away from plastic where possible and I figured that the giant bottles of…(Read More)

BUT FIRST: Coffee. Our beloved coffee. We are massive fans of the caffeinated beverage here at Clean Beauty Co (Americano with warm oat milk from Prufrock, since you asked) and what we love most is the fact that our beloved morning drink is just so darn versatile, it also doubles up as a very effective…(Read More)

Clean Beauty Co The UK’s leading natural beauty platform Dominika Minarovic Wedding Clean Beauty Co The UK's leading natural beauty platform

Oh lord. It has just dawned on me today that I’m getting married in seven months. A few short months to lose those lumps and bumps for my ultra-fitted wedding dress (fiance, stop reading now!), as well as figure out the best way to condition my skin to perfection. As a bit of…(Read More)

Clean Beauty Co The UK’s leading natural beauty platform

I’m still growing out my blonde hair and, as promised, am keeping you guys in the loop with my roots’ progress. If you’re new to The Root Diaries, I would suggest going back and reading Part One on Clean Beauty Co so that you have the full story. Hopefully you’ll then understand…(Read More)

Clean Beauty Co The UK’s leading natural beauty platform Whamisa sheet mask full review natural sheet mask

As massive fans of beauty all over the world, it was only natural that we found ourselves caught up in the Korean skincare wave that has been sweeping the Western hemisphere this past year. It’s undeniably difficult to say no to market-breaking technology when paired with complexion-transforming serums, oils and creams, and…(Read More)

Clean Beauty Co The UK’s leading natural beauty platform

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Chloë, the founder of organic and natural skincare brand Clo Clo Organics, and get her two cents on how she went green, her must-have beauty products and more! Read on to hear more about her story… Describe yourself in five words. Dedicated. Natural. Kind. Mother. Ambitious. Fun…(Read More)