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We love a good inspirational story here at CBCO, and the story behind Eden Organic is just that. To say that founder Claire and creative director Kara have been through a lot is surely an understatement, and yet it is only through these experiences that they were brought together to create a company that’s…(Read More)

Attention please: it’s officially December! At long last, Christmas party season is upon us, which means ’tis the season for gorgeous glittery dresses, Michael Bublé on repeat, and wine – lots and lots of wine. Picking the perfect outfit is already hard enough, and (if you’re anything like us), then you’ll probably have…(Read More)

Quick and Easy DIY Eye Mask Anti Wrinkle Fighting Vitamin E

If we were honest with our ourselves, we’d admit that we don’t give our eyes enough love. Even in our rigorous skincare routines, most of us forget to make time to care for them – which is quite surprising when you consider that eyes tend to show signs of aging first. Unlike the rest…(Read More)

Top Vegan and Natural Makeup Brands

We’ve been big supporters of cruelty-free beauty right from the start here at CBCO. From our shopping choices to our own sister beauty brand, going for animal-friendly options have always been high on our list of must-haves in a great product and, frankly, we don’t see that changing any time…(Read More)

Online Shopping Black Friday Discounts Deals

We could put a fancy introduction here but we all know that most of you won’t read this anyway. To those of you who do, don’t feel pressured to carry on – there’s way too many beauty products at stake and too little time. So scroll on down and get your paws on…(Read More)