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DIY Rose & Lavender Water Mist


When the results from our skin concerns poll came through, we were totally surprised. Acne and breakouts coupled with dryness and dehydration won the category by a landslide, and what an interesting combination this is indeed. On first thought, people don’t usually associate breakouts with this particular skin type: just think spots and you immediately conjure up a backdrop of oily, sensitive skin.

Contrary to popular belief, however, dry and dehydrated skin can also lead to breakouts. We know that acne is caused by a buildup of dirt and bacteria – but this doesn’t always mean that sebum is the culpit. Dead skin cells are also perfectly able to clog up those lovely pores of yours, and what’s worse, when skin is dry or dehydrated, its natural defensive layer also suffers, meaning it’s weaker against pollutants and irritants (read: nasty breakout-causing bac). Hello breeding ground for acne.

If you’re in a situation as sticky as this, you should know better than to reach for those “oil-controlling”,”non-acnegenic” products. I mean, just think about it: what oil do you even have on your skin that needs controlling?

Exactly. What you really need is to hydrate your skin fast, and this super-quick DIY fix is it. Three ingredients, three minutes, three spritzes (cheek, cheek, forehead) and a couple of pats – done. Tip: store this in a little spray bottle, ready for the handbag life, and now you’ve given yourself superfast hydration on the go!


20ml rose water; 20ml lavender water; 5ml prickly pear oil.

How to:

1. Put the oil into a small spray bottle.

2. Add the rose water.

3. And then the lavender water.

4. Shake it up baby!

5. Spritz away!

And that’s literally it!


Keep your mist in the fridge for an even cooler (heh) experience and a longer shelf-life. If not, use it up quickly. We’re sure you will anyway.

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See you on the other side of dry!

– Jennie Lim

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