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What’s In Her Handbag: Elsie Rutterford


Elsie Rutterford is a co-founder of Clean Beauty Co and its sister brand for high-performance skincare, BYBI Beauty. Along with her business partner Dominika, they make a power duo that stands at the forefront of the natural beauty movement in the UK, featuring in major publications from The Independent to Refinery29 to Grazia.

Brb while we’re taking notes on everything she uses.

Dr Bronner – Lavender Organic Hand Sanitiser, £3 at ASOS

“This stuff is magical: not only a hugely effective hand sanitiser that doesn’t dry hands. I also use it as a body spray, to clean my makeup brushes, on my pillows at night…”

“It smells amazing and comes with me everywhere.”

Clean Beauty Co – Wooden Comb, Elsie’s own

“Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I have a weird, inexplicable obsession with brushing my hair.”

“I do not go anywhere without some kind of brush or comb. In fact, I was recently told that my spirit animal would be a hair brush!”

BYBI Beauty – Mega Mist, £26, and Babe Balm, £28 at BYBI

“I do love a face mist, and right I’m hooked on BYBI’s Mega Mist. It’s perfect for refreshing skin throughout the day, especially in harsher climates, and leaves my skin feeling plumped. Plus, it smells like roses!”

“For me, Babe Balm’s the ultimate multi-tasker: my moisturiser, highlighter, lip balm and hand cream is all in this one pot.”

W3LL People – Expressionist Mascara, £18 at Cult Beauty

“Like the hair-brushing thing, I reapply mascara regularly throughout the day as I just feel like it instantly brightens eyes and refreshes your look,”

“I’ve been searching high and low for a good natural mascara and have finally settled on W3LL People’s: it’s great, lasts for a decent time and even comes in blue and purple!”

Lily Lolo – Finishing Powder, £10 at Lily Lolo

“I suffer from mega forehead and nose shine. It’s weird, as I don’t necessarily have oily skin: it’s just seems that bright lights and camera flashes hate me”

“I have to carry around powder to stop me looking like I’ve dipped my head in a bucket of water. Lily Lolo’s is very nice – super light and doesn’t reflect even under intense lights (so I don’t end up looking like a ghost either).”

– As told to CBCO