5 Essential Reds for Autumn 2017


There’s only one colour on every fashion follower’s mind as the changing weather sees summer frocks traded for winter coats, and halters for turtlenecks. Red has been declared the colour of autumn 2017, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s perfectly seasonal – think red Christmas stockings – and elegantly stylish, providing a much-needed pop of colour to grey winter mornings.

Of course, with us being a beauty site, we couldn’t resist throwing our makeup bags right into the fray – and what better way to get into the autumnal mood than with a gorgeous rouge? Here are the five shades we deem essential for this season:

Axiology Lipstick in Worth, £25

A gentle red with a tangerine twist. Perfect for those with warm undertones, or those finding it hard to part with their orange lipsticks from summer.

Antipodes Lipstick in West Coast Sunset, £20

Now for those that are stepping into winter with vigour: a bright, warm rose red with a hint of pink. Perfect for warm undertones.

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Kjaer Weis Lipstick in KW Red, £44

A great all-rounder, the classic firetruck rouge. Weis himself described it as “a stand-out red that will never go out of style”. We’re taking his word for it. Perfect for all tones.

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Ilia Organic Lipstick in Perfect Day, £24

A 6PM on Friday kind of shade: not quite dinner date, but almost. Perfect for those with cool undertones.

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Living Nature Lipstick in Pure Passion, £20

The true vamp red. As rich as wine and therefore the perfect accompaniment to any midnight escapade. Enough said. Perfect for those with cool undertones.

Meanwhile, as you head off to grab your lippy of choice, why not get some inspiration for your next bold look? We loved the classic 30’s look on Madeline Brewer at the Emmy’s this year

– Jennie Lim