Clean Beauty Book

Anti Ageing


20ml Avocado Oil
5ml Prickly Pear Oil
5ml Argan Oil
2 Drops Helichrysum Essential Oil

We’re (slowly, very slowly) approaching our 30’s, so anti-ageing is at the forefront of our minds. Our anti-ageing serum was one of our first forays into clean beauty, as we wanted a serum that was potent and would actually work! We think it’s a stellar concoction and absorbs quickly, without an oily sheen. Avocado oil is great for anti-ageing; it has a high amount of anti-oxidising Vitamin E, fatty acids, phytosterols and sterolin. Which all means that this oil hydrates better and deeper than some of its counterparts. Argan is a rich oil used to treat fine lines, and we included the regenerative magic ingredient helichrysum AKA Immortelle AKA the Anti-Ager.

How To:

1. Combine the avocado, prickly pear and argan oils
2. Add the helichrysum and stir well to ensure evenly distributed
3. Shake well before each use

Helpful Hint:

Avocado can be pretty pungent so try changing for another carrier oil if you'd like something that smells a little lighter. We love rosehip!


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