Clean Beauty Book

Charcoal Polish


10ml Rose Water
5ml Lemon Juice
1drop Tea Tree Essential Oil
1g Activated Charcoal

We've just discovered activated charcoal and are a little bit in love. Activated charcoal is basically charcoal that's been heated and in turn increased its absorptive properties. This sooty powder has been used in health, healing, wellness and beauty for yonks. It's probably one of the most detoxifying ingredients out there, mainly because of its exceptional ability to absorb toxins and impurities. This is an excellent face mask if your skin needs a real good clean – if you're feeling a little grey from city life or a little bit spotty. It absorbs dirt, oil, chemicals and bacteria from the surface of the skin, leaving it cleansed, clear and smooth. An alternative use for this wondrous powder is (believe it or not) as a tooth whitener! Use a dab on your toothbrush and it'll polish up those gnashers a right treat. It absorbs tannins which are the pigments found in the likes of tea, coffee and wine. Pretty amazing huh?

How To:

1. Combine the lemon juice and rose water
2. Stir in the tea tree and mix well to ensure evenly distributed
3. Carefully add the charcoal until you have a thin paste. You may not need the whole quantity – ensure that your mixture isn't too thick

Helpful Hint:

If unsure, always go easy on the charcoal. It can be a terror to rinse off if used in too high a quantity. In emergencies, lemon juice will shift stubborn smudges.


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