Clean Beauty Book

Close Shave


40ml Sweet Almond Oil
9ml Argan Oil
1ml Patchouli Essential Oil
1 Drop Vitamin E Oil

The Clean Beauty Co men complained about a lack of clean beauty products for them. Fear not boys, we have thought of you too. This oil is designed to be used post-shave as a serum or balm to calm inflammation and soothe the skin. Sweet almond oil is particularly effective on sensitive, inflamed skin. It softens, calms and revitalises the skin. Patchouli is a masculine smelling oil, and it has long been used for it’s ability to heal irritated, broken skin and rose is the ultimate renewer oil: getting that skin back into tip-top shape. You’re welcome.

How To:

1. Mix the argan and sweet almond oils
2. Add the patchouli and vitamin E, stirring well
3. Shake before each use

Helpful Hint:

Keep serums in sterilised, dark bottles to slow down the oxidation and preserve the potency of the ingredients


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