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Coco-Loco Face Mask


5g Coconut Oil
5g Shea Butter
5g Aloe Vera

This is a warm, soothing face mask for that time of year when the mornings get colder and days get shorter and you know autumn is officially setting in. We refuse to be victim to dry winter skin, so we keep nourished with this intensive, moisturising mixture. It’ll help keep you super supple as you kiss the last bit of summer sunshine goodbye.

How To:

1. Simply mix the three together until they create a smooth paste. It may help to melt the coconut oil slightly
2. Apply liberally, kick back and just enjoy smelling like a Bounty bar for 20 mins or so
3. Rinse off, alternating between cold and warm water to ensure you get the whole mixture off

Helpful Hint:

If you’re struggling to mix the Coconut oil and Shea, it may help to use a hand whisk for 30 seconds.


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