Clean Beauty Book

Coconut Dreaming


30g Coconut Milk Powder
20g Honey Powder
10g Sodium Bicarbonate
2 Drops Tangerine EO

Ever wish you were California dreaming? Or laying on a beach in the Caribbean? Then this is the bath soak for you. If you haven’t discovered coconut milk powder, do it now; it has all the qualities of coconut oil so it’s super nourishing and moisturising. Coupled with delicious honey powder and tangerine oil, you will leave the bath with silky-soft, super-smooth skin. Shut your eyes and think of those turquoise seas, the sun and a large piña colada.

How To:

1. Combine your powders in a bowl and mix well
2. Add the essential oil and stir to ensure distributed evenly
3. Add to a running bath, swirl and enjoy

Helpful Hint:

This will be enough for a couple of soaks’ worth, but is easy to make in larger quantities and store by the bath for regular use.


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