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Errday Face Serum


25ml Jojoba Oil
25ml Apricot Kernel Oil
2ml Barbary Fig Oil
3 Drops Tea Tree EO
3 Drops Fragonia EO

A light yet powerful face serum made especially for errrday hustling. This protects against everyday nasties, including grime and pollution, as apricot kernel oil has high levels of Linoleic acid, which reduces clogged pores. Jojoba is great for acne prone skin as it balances the skin’s natural sebum levels (shiny forehead no more!) whilst also being incredibly hydrating. Tea Tree and fragonia are included to keep the skin clear, fighting inflammation and infection, as well as balancing the skin’s hormones. Great for city hustlers and rappers alike.

How To:

1. Mix the jojoba and apricot kernel oils
2. Individually add each of the essential oils, stirring well to ensure distributed evenly
3. Shake well before use

Helpful Hint:

Keep serums in sterilised, dark bottles to slow down the oxidation and preserve the potency of the ingredients.


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