Clean Beauty Book

Hot Hair


50ml Grapefruit Water
2drops Rose Essential Oil
2drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

CBCo really wanna help you look after those boooooodiful barnets Whether it's scorching straighteners, hair dryers or the blazing Croatian sun, we're much harsher on our hair than we realise. Enter Hot Hair. This heat protection spray has trusty Rose Essential Oil, which will moisturise frazzled locks and the Grapefruit water and oil combo promotes growth and cleanses your scalp.

How To:

1. Mix the grapefruit water with the rose and grapefruit oils and stir to ensure distributed evenly
2. Store in a clean, airtight bottle
3. Shake well before use, spritz and shine – great on both damp or dry hair

Helpful Hint:

This is great to use to protect locks before using hair irons. Make sure your floral water is pre-preserved and sourced from a quality retailer.


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