Clean Beauty Book

In Your Face Spritz


40ml Rose Hydrosol
10ml Vegetable Glycerine
1 Drop Geranium Essential Oil

Friday night. Work drinks got out of hand? One too many Aperol Spritz? Are you going OUT OUT??! Don't let your make up let you down. No one likes the Courtney Love look. One quick spritz of this stuff will keep your face in place, no matter how wild the night gets. Those eyebrows ain’t going nowhere sister.

How To:

1. Mix the rose water and glycerine to form a thin gel
2. Add geranium and stir to ensure distributed evenly
3. Store in a clean spray bottle and apply to face whenever needed, shaking before every use

Helpful Hint:

Our floral water was pre-preserved, so we didn’t worry about adding a preservative to this, despite the water content. Check with your supplier because if not, a preservative must be added to avoid bacterial contamination from the water.


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