Clean Beauty Book

No More Mozzies


20ml Witch Hazel Extract
20ml Distilled Water
10ml Vegetable Glycerine
{“10 drops of EO from the choice of”=>”Clove, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Cedar, Eucalyptus. Mix it up with a few of these if you're feeling fancy. The more essential oil, the stronger the repellent will be.”}

After being eaten alive by a single, (clearly hungry) mosquito on holiday in the summer, we created this natural insect repellent to avoid being a bug's grub in future. It’s a potent mix of some of the strongest smelling essential oils around, which is key to putting off those pesky bugs. It’s pretty pungent though so it may not be only insects that you end up repelling!

How To:

1. Mix the witch hazel, distilled water and glycerine
2. The glycerine should slightly thicken the mixture
3. Add essential oils and stir to ensure distributed evenly
4. Store in a clean, spray bottle
5. Shake well before use and apply liberally

Helpful Hint:

As this is water based, it is for immediate use unless you add a water-soluble preservative.


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