Clean Beauty Book

Rosy Glow


45ml Rose Hydrosol
5ml Barbary Fig Oil
2 Drops Rose EO

The CBCo go-to toner. This is so simple but such an amazing spray for post-cleansing, pre-moisturising. Rose hydrosol has been used for centuries as the most luxurious floral water and for its healing properties; it purifies, refreshes and softens the skin. Barbary fig oil is a remarkable anti-wrinkle and anti-tensor, stimulating cell renewal. The rose scent is simply divine and it gives the skin a dewy glow, like you’ve been rolling around in a bed of petals. Also perfect to use after applying make-up to keep your face in place.

How To:

1. Mix all ingredients
2. Store in a clean, spray bottle
3. Shake well before use – the water and oil will separate, so you can use a natural emulsifier if you like, however we quite like the look when it separates

Helpful Hint:

Our floral water was pre-preserved, so we didn’t worry about adding a preservative to this, despite the water content. Check with your supplier because if not, a preservative must be added to avoid bacterial contamination from the water.


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