Clean Beauty Book

Skin Tone


45ml Witch Hazel Hydrosol
4ml Vegetable Glycerine
5 Drops Geranium Essential Oil

Skin Tone is a powerful combination of witch hazel and geranium. Used as a toner or facial mist, this stuff will tighten and firm even the puffiest of faces, whilst reducing any redness. Witch hazel's antibacterial properties will help with blemishes and geranium is great for any scars. It's like superfood for the skin and basically you guys need to whip some up for yourselves ASAP.

How To:

1. Mix witch hazel and glycerine to form a thin gel
2. Add geranium and stir to ensure distributed evenly
3. Store in a clean, airtight bottle
4. Shake well before use

Helpful Hint:

We get our vegetable glycerine from Aroma-Zone, a great French natural beauty site, but you can also source a few quality brands from Amazon! Also make sure your floral water is pre-preserved and sourced from a quality retailer.


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