Clean Beauty Book



180ml Dr Bronner’s Baby-Mild Castile Liquid Soap
15ml Rosehip Oil
3 Drops Frankincence EO
2 Drops Vitamin E Oil
1 Drop Geranium EO

This foaming cleanser is rich in nutrients to give your face a boost to rival any superfood. It’s packed full of so many fantastic ingredients, it might as well have a halo and wings. The vitamin E and frankincense help stabilise the skin’s sebum levels, as well as replacing essential fatty acids and help to fight ageing. The Rosehip is super hydrating and will promote a lovely dewy complexion. Perfect for use any time of day, all over.

How To:

1. Mix the Rosehip and Dr Bronner's and stir well. Add the Vitamin E
2. Slowly add your essential oils
3. Stir well to ensure distributed evenly

Helpful Hint:

This product does not require a preservative as it has no water based products in it. However, if used in the shower, don’t open the bottle and try to find a foaming pump dispenser


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