Clean Beauty Book



20ml Bamboo Hydrosol
10ml Rose Hydrosol
10ml Passion Fruit Oil
5g Vitamin C Powder

Swimcap was one of our first recipes; we made it because we were spending so much time in the pool and our hair was getting drier as well as stinking of chlorine. Not sexy at all. The Vitamin C strengthens the hair follicle and protects it against the harsh chemicals in pools. Bamboo and rose hydrosol helps to repair and strengthen thin hair, while passion fruit oil is a hair power-oil; it regenerates and nourishes fine or dry hair without making it greasy.

How To:

1. Dissolve the Vitamin C Powder in the bamboo and rose hydrosols
2. Add the passion fruit oil. The water and oil will separate, so you can use a natural emulsifier if you like, however we quite like the look when it separates
3. Shake well before each use

Helpful Hint:

Our floral water was pre-preserved, so we didn’t worry about adding a preservative to this, despite the water content. Check with your supplier because if not, a preservative must be added to avoid bacterial contamination from the water.


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