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TYPICAL: a huge, red spot appears just in time for the weekend and here we were thinking breakouts were only for teenagers. There are loads of reasons that zits occur so it’s always worth exploring whether they’re linked to a food allergy/reaction to a product/hormones but, if you’re super desperate, then we have just the thing to zap that zit in no time. Mix a teaspoon of your fave carrier oil (we use olive) with two drops of thyme essential oil. You could also use either fresh or dried thyme here too. Add the bicarbonate soda, stir into a paste then apply topically with wet fingers. Leave for up to 3 minutes. The bicarb will dry out any excess oil and thyme oil is hugely antibacterial. WARNING: Thyme oil is extremely potent and must not be applied to the skin without diluting. This mixture packs quite a punch so rinse off if it feels uncomfortable

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