CBCo Workshops

Attention all CBCo-ers! We’re excited to announce that we are running our first ever DIY clean beauty workshop! Designed especially to help you create luxurious and non-toxic beauty products, all by yourself (and generally become a clean beauty guru). New year, new you! Isn’t that what they say? Now is the perfect time to give your beauty routine a natural makeover.

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Winter Skin

Winter is officially upon us, and after returning from a ski trip, my skin is super dry, flaky and in need of some TLC. We’ve thrown together the best remedies for winter skin, getting you that summer glow back in no time, including face and pesky bits like elbows and knees. I’m lathered in avocado and coconut oil as we speak.

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CBCo Love NDCo

You may remember our comprehensive review of natural deodorants recently. It’s a tricky old thing to get right, natural deodorant. There are very few that work well, but the alternative is toxic and chemical-filled highstreet brands that have been linked to all kinds of unpleasant things, so smelling a bit funky is actually the lesser of the two evils in this situation.

After testing what felt like a hundred different natural alternatives, I was overjoyed to find The Natural Deo Co. They sum up our deodorant conundrum perfectly – ‘You’ve decided to go chemical-free because, well, chemicals are yucky. You’ve tried all of the natural alternatives and, well, you still smell’ – and lucky for us they provide a solution that actually works! Their Clean Deodorant Balm is a winner – read the full review here.

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We’re Enchanted with Organic Skin

I have to say I’m a bit of a magic fiend. Anything that’s remotely majestic is right up my street and so when my La Belle Lune parcel arrived I was blown away before I’d even tried the product. It turned up in a beautiful black box, complete with black envelop and a gold embossed note outlining the ingredients, that looked as though it’d been sent directly from Dumbledore himself.

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The GreenGoo Facemask That Will Get You Through The Xmas Season

As you may have spotted from our recent insta posts, we’ve gone all Del-Boy and started trading at our very first market with our very first product line. It’s been such an exciting couple of weeks and we’ve had the chance to meet and speak to so many amazing green beauty fans! But obviously with the excitement comes hard work and, considering we both work during the week and we’re hurtling into the busy Xmas period, it’s a pretty exhausting time of year.

I don’t know about you guys but as soon I’m as I’m even remotely tired, the first place it shows is my face. My skin instantly loses colour and takes on a pretty unattractive grey tone, whilst I develop circles under my eyes that make me look as though I’ve punched myself in the face. All in all, not a good look. 

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Oh Hai Halloween!

Nothing quite cushions the chilly embrace of Autumn than HALLOWEEN – the only time of year where quite literally any fancy dress is acceptable. Simply add a touch of mortality and voila! What have you come as? Oh, I’m a dead sexy nurse! Zombie mermaid! Possessed Cinderella! And if all else fails just go as a black cat, like the rest of the 18-24 female population. 

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A Question of Sweat

Some bits of this clean beauty lark are much easier than others. Switching your makeup is scary but you can easily wipe off a bad foundation and get on with your day, or reapply when necessary. If a conditioner hasn’t quite done the trick then there’s always a spritz of dry shampoo to keep you going. Deodorant, however, is a little different. Because let’s face it, you really don’t want to stink. Your colleagues/boyfriend/gal pal/gym buddy/mum also really don’t want you to stink.

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Work hard, Spray Hard

When I went green, I was nervous about two things:

  1. How will I replace the brand of mascara I’ve been using for the last 10 years that make my eyelashes look like sweeping feathers?
  2. How will I find anything that will keep my unruly locks in place like L’Oreal Elnett does?

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Organic Beauty Week

It’s Organic Beauty Week and we’re celebrating. It’s an important milestone for our sometimes niche industry that we can recognise the value of being organic in our beauty regimes, as food is often taking the limelight. We are what we eat indeed, but we are also what we lather all over our beautiful bodies.

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CBCo’s Essentially Essential Oils

At CBCo, we love essential oils. We love the smell, their potency and their healing qualities. Including essential oils in cosmetics isn’t a necessity and safety is key when dealing with their precious and delicate nature. Each oil has it’s own particular qualities that must be researched before use. Many are too potent for direct contact with the skin, citrus oils can react in the sunlight and cause colour pigmentation and some aren’t safe to use while pregnant. We do our own research as best as is available before using any oils and always test them on ourselves. We have detailed our favourite oils to use in everyday products and why we use them.

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